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List of Books

Accession No     Title of the Book

31754                   Quantitative Analysis for Management

38404                   Managing Development: Decentralisation, Geographical Socialism and Urban +

35009971             Marketing Essentials: Marketing Maths Workbook

35010266             Marketing Management: analysis, Planning, and Control

47311                    Successful Management

7199                     Managing: a Contemporary Introduction

22897                 Data Processing for Control and Management

72728                 Iso 9001:Tharamaka Vazhunkal

65115                  Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making

32215                 MBO II: A System of Managerial Leadership for the 80s

35008583         Business Principles and Management

62688                Natural Resource Management

64002    Management Information Systems: Conceptual Foundations, Structure and Development

4820    Economic Decision Making: Basic Concepts and Models

23701    Software Configuration Management

66644    Managerial Economics

65107     Knowledge Management

70318     Risk Management in Indian Banks

21049     Successful Project Management

62255    Human Resource Management

48143      Principles and Practices of Marketing

48657      Introduction to Management Accounting

21747       Management: a Life Cycle Approach

55895      Management Information Systems: Conceptual Foundations, Structure, +

73747        Iso 9001:Tharamaka Vazhunkal

26418        Shiv Batavia: a Solitary and Passionate Singer

71421          Project Management

72854        Management Development Strategies

66822 Women Managers: profile, Career Problems, Coping Strategies

29729  Management Buy-Out: a Guide for the Perspective Entrepreneur

77309  Social Management

77319  Insurance Management

10607  Managing the Environment: an Economic Primer

47218  Financial Management and Policy

47676   Statistics for Management

75811   Total Quality Management: Common to B.E /batch

27049   Software Configuration Management

48672  Database Management Systems

47590  Financial Management and Policy

64952   Creative Management

5830   Management Problem: Past and Present

23548  Business Communication

66649  Projects: Planning, Analysis, Selection, Financing, Implementation and Review

63282  Financial Management

35009494   Marketing Essentials

35008940   Principles of Marketing

29059   Operations Management.

11188   Economic Decision Making: Basic Concepts and Models

9159   Managing: A Contemporary Introduction

70311   Hospitality Financial Management

71719   Knowledge Management: Tools and Techniques

57690   Inventory Classification Innovation

50916   Interpersonal Attraction and Behavior


65106    Creative Management

70326   Production Management

67265    10 Natural Forces for Business Success

72097    Change Management Excellence.

72857    Principles of Management

64153    Assessing Management Skills

33506   Effective Management: Lessons of Experience

57643    Project Management

68550   Gurus on Marketing

28810    Mastering Management

35009218   Production and Operations Management

43109    Management Information Systems: a Contemporary Perspective

56940    Key Management Ratios

34919   Marketing Management and Administrative Action

29606   Management: an Organizational Perspective

8809   Managerial Stress

70625   Knowledge Management in Practice: Connection and Context

66656   Management

30000956   Management: analysis, Concepts and Cases

42576   Business and Economic Policy Management

64138   Risk Management: for CAIIB Examination

63284   Global Strategic Management

65578   Communication Management

60443   Management Techniques: Principles and Practices

77301   Enterprise Management

56714   Training for Organizational Transformation

64892    International Marketing Research

65587   Strategic Planning Formulation of Corporate Strategy

65715    Sales and Distribution Management

35008847    Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems

9127    Management Dynamics: the New Synthesis

58606    Resource Management Techniques: Operations Research

20581    Fundamentals of Financial anagement

33520    Down from the Ivory Tower: Graduates and Their Jobs

67054    Essential Director

6317    Business Management Theory and Practice

72850    New Horizons in Indian Management

67101    Outsourcing Handbook: How to Implement a Successful Outsourcing Process

35009260    Business Essentials

67996    Retail Management

50461    Management: Concepts and Practice

35009197    Modern Management

68063     How to Win Campaigns:100 Steps to Success

14899    Quantitative Management in R & D

72616    E Leadership: Guiding Your Business to Success in the New Economy


30-000563     Management Accounting

30-000958     General Management

30-000311     Business Organisation and Management

350009471     Purchasing and Supply Management

35009465   Management: Special Custom Edition for College of Dupage

35009780     Human Resource Management

69467     Management Research Methodology

35009081   Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

29766    Operations management

16525    Data processing for control and management

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